Nuclear Consulting Services

Practical Experience


Critical Organization Positions



Prior to joining our Consulting Team, our consultants filled positions in Commercial Nuclear Power, Department of Energy (DOE), Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing and

Facility Decommissioning Organizations, including:


·          Radiation Protection Manager (RPM)

·          Manager, Environmental, Health and Safety (EH & S)

·          Manager, Radiological Engineering

·          Outage Shift Manager

·          Corrective Action Program (CAP) Manager

·          Senior Reactor Operator (SRO)

·          Shift Technical Advisor (STA)

·          Independent Safety Engineering Group (ISEG) Engineer

·          Project Manager

·          Radiological Engineer

·          Certified Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer

·          QA/QC Supervisor

·          Health Physics Supervisor

·          Maintenance Supervisor

·          Professional Health Physicist

·          Generating Station Manager (fossil)








Our consultants have served as principal members of review and oversight committees, including Nuclear Safety Review Boards, Plant Safety Review Committees, Strategic Safety Committees, Operational Review Committees; and they have served on numerous industry policy and technical committees, and professional committees.

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