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·          Characterization and ALARA analysis of radiological environments, including: airborne concentrations; direct radiation dose rates; and surface contamination.  Prediction, characterization and assessment of effective dose equivalent associated with multiple radiological sources and geometries, to minimize personnel exposure.


·          Special ALARA assessments and analysis, including: modeling extremely high dose rates associated with piping and valves; modeling dose rates due to a highly-activated Sm sources; modeling dose rates associated with Cf neutron sources; and, modeling dose rates associated with extremely large (i.e., 5,000 Ci) beta-gamma sources.


·          Development, review, evaluation, assessment and implementation of ALARA procedures, programs, controls and training to meet technical requirements, ensure regulatory compliance, and promote continuous improvement in a cost-effective manner for facilities with alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation.  Key areas include: internal and external dosimetry; personnel exposure control; radioactive waste management; respiratory protection; personnel and equipment decontamination; radioactive material control and accountability; and training (technical and general).


·          ALARA and Engineering evaluation, review, field response and support for special occurrences/events, involving: radioactive material control; radiation and dose rate control; personnel exposure control; environmental and effluent releases; emergency response and preparedness; and other events.


·          Investigation of abnormal (high) dosimetry results, including: time and motion studies; determination and analysis of radiological work environments; assessment of shielding effects; assessment of operational processes; and assessment of worker-source configuration and orientation.



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