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Our consulting experience in the areas of Program

Development, Assessment & Operational Readiness Review

Includes the following areas:




·          Evaluation, review, assessment and support for special occurrences/events, involving: radioactive material control; radiation and dose rate control; personnel exposure control; environmental and effluent releases; emergency response and preparedness and other events.


·          Readiness Review Team responsible for review of program to transfer spent fuel from the spent fuel pool of a commercial nuclear power reactor to an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) utilizing dry storage technology.  Health Physics programs, processes and procedures were review relative to regulatory requirements, guidance and industry practices.   Evaluation of the effectiveness of incorporation of organizational and regulatory commitments in the FSAR, Technical Specifications, and other documents supporting license application.


·          Technical Specialist for Performance Assessment Group, responsible for performance and design elements associated with design of the Yucca Mountain high-level waste repository.  Performed formal compliance reviews of scientific reports used as input to the Site Recommendation document submitted to the President of the United States.


·          Supervised a team of health physicists responsible for  implementation of INEEL RadCon Performance Excellence Plan (PEP).  The PEP was prepared in response to Department of Energy (DOE) concerns with the RadCon Program’s implementation.  Team responsibilities included development of qualification standards for RadCon instrument personnel; development and revision of site procedures; and, development of RadCon Program performance monitoring requirements.  Coordinated implementation of a formal process for assessment of all RadCon Program elements at INEEL facilities.  Assessment criteria included all DOE regulations, orders and guidance, as well as Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) criteria and commercial nuclear power industry performance standards and practices.


·          Technical specialists serving on teams responsible for the following assessments and audits:  Vendors for utility clients; Contractors for utility clients; Radiation Protection Programs; Training Programs; Emergency Planning & Preparedness Programs;

Reactor Operations; and Power Reactor Facility Startup.



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