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·          Development, review, evaluation, assessment and implementation of procedures, programs, controls and training to meet technical requirements, ensure regulatory compliance, and promote continuous improvement in a cost-effective manner for facilities with alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation.  Key areas include: portable survey instrumentation and calibration; laboratory analytical instrumentation and calibration; bioassay (whole-body counting) instrumentation and calibration; and health physics computer tools and solutions (hardware & software) associated with such instrumentation.


·          Calibration and use of instrumentation to characterize and analyze a variety of radiological environments, including: airborne concentrations; liquid-borne concentrations; direct radiation dose rates; and surface contamination.


·          Development of special survey instrument adapters to enhance assessment of both shallow and deep dose equivalent due to “hot particles” associated with beta and gamma “hot particle” radiations.





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Our consultants have filled positions which include: Radiation Protection Manager (RPM) at both PWR and BWR commercial nuclear power facilities; Manager, Environmental, Health and Safety (EH & S) for decommissioning projects; Manager, Radiological Engineering at DOE facilities; Project Manager; Sr. ALARA Engineer; Radiological Engineer;  Health Physics Supervisor; and Principal Health Physicist at both DOE and commercial nuclear facilities.


Our consultants credentials include: Registered Professional Engineer (PE); Certified Health Physicist (CHP); ANSI-qualified Radiation Protection Manager (RPM); and Registered Radiation Protection Technologist (NRRPT).


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