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Our consultants have filled positions which include: Radiation Protection Manager (RPM) at both PWR and BWR commercial nuclear power facilities; Manager, Radiological Engineering at DOE facilities; Sr. ALARA Engineer; Radiological Engineer;  Health Physics Supervisor; and Principal Health Physicist at both DOE and commercial nuclear facilities.


Our consultants credentials include: Registered Professional Engineer (PE); Certified Health Physicist (CHP); ANSI-qualified Radiation Protection Manager (RPM); and Registered Radiation Protection Technologist (NRRPT).

Our consulting experience in the areas of

ALARA & Radiological Engineering

Includes the following areas:




ˇ          ALARA review, analysis, trending and reporting including presentations to the Plant Safety Review Committees.   Routine ALARA trending and analysis including: plant air monitoring; high sample follow-up investigation; ventilation hood flow determination; corrective action program (CAP) events; and lapel air sampling programs.  In-depth investigation, analysis and reporting of high-dose and unusual events.


ˇ          Radiological engineering, health physics and safety reviews of facility change/modification requests (CMRs), procedure changes and special evolutions. Development, preparation and review of special operational and evaluation procedures for impact on plant radiological conditions and safety, including dose predictions and modeling for ALARA analysis.


ˇ          ALARA evaluation and assessment of dose due to high intakes of Uranium, both inhaled and ingested.  These assessments included establishment of an intake database, detailed trending and analysis of intakes over a three year period, and presentation of comprehensive recommendations for reduction of intakes and the associated dose.


ˇ          Development, review, evaluation, assessment and implementation of ALARA, Radiological Engineering and associated programs, including:  Chemistry, Engineering Design, Operations, and Training.

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