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Demolition, Decontamination & Decommissioning

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·          Development, preparation and implementation of plans for removal of plant equipment to support decommissioning, including procedures and methods for: contamination control; material and equipment accountability; material and equipment transfers across radiological boundaries; personnel exposure control; and final survey for release and or shipment.


·          Development, preparation, implementation and management of Final Status Survey Plans for a decommissioning project.


·          Radiation Protection Program audits, assessments and surveillances during Demolition and Decommissioning activities, including the following areas:  radwaste packaging and shipment preparation; Final Status Survey (FSS); site radiological surveys; industrial safety; maintenance; and operations.


·          Directed decommissioning and preparations for Final Status Survey (FSS) of a former radiopharmaceutical manufacturing facility.  Routine interface with NRC and State regulatory personnel during decommissioning process.  Preparation of the FSS Plan, based on MARSSIM, and prepared FSS packages for individual survey units.

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