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·          Project management of decommissioning projects, including development and maintenance of project schedules (MS Project) for facility demolition, decommissioning and final status surveys.  Coordination, planning and scheduling with contract construction/demolition personnel, and waste handling and management personnel.


·          Project planning and scheduling efforts reduced a decommissioning project schedule by 4 weeks, saving over $300K.  Additional cost saving recommendations were implemented, resulting in an additional $30K reduction in project costs.


·          Engineering consulting for a decommissioning project, including process re-engineering and demolition process consulting.


·          Consulting services and services as expert witness on radiological and financial decommissioning issues before State Regulatory agencies.



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Our consultants have filled positions as Manager for Radiation Protection, Health and Safety for decommissioning projects involving both chemical and radiological hazards, and managed all radiological and industrial safety aspects of demolition, decontamination, disposal and final status surveys for a chemical and radioisotope processing facility.


Our consultants have managed site characterization involving alpha, beta and gamma emitting isotopes, and managed Health Physics personnel and laboratories involved in the project; including serving as Project director.


Our consultants have served as principal members of NEI’s Task Force for development of radiological decommissioning standards and criteria for cleanup, and provided public testimony in the development of MARSSIM guidelines.

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