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Quality Assurance & Auditing

Includes the following areas:




·          Development, preparation and implementation of plans for removal of plant equipment to support decommissioning, including procedures and methods for: contamination control; material and equipment accountability; material and equipment transfers across radiological boundaries; personnel exposure control; and final survey for release and or shipment.


·          Development, preparation, implementation and management of Final Status Survey Plans for a decommissioning project.


·          Certified Reactor Operations QA Engineer responsible for reactor operation startup audits, including calculation and verification of reactor operating parameters, set points and safety limits.


·          Certified QA Engineer responsible for auditing and surveillance of reactor fuel manufacturing programs, processes and procedures, and manufacturing quality control audits and surveillances.



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Consulting Services

Our consultants have filled positions which include: Corrective Action Program (CAP) Manager; Shift Technical Advisor (STA); Independent Safety Engineering Group (ISEG) Engineer; Radiation Protection Manager (RPM) at both PWR and BWR commercial nuclear power facilities; Manager, Environmental, Health and Safety (EH & S) for decommissioning projects; Manager, Radiological Engineering at DOE facilities; Project Manager; QA Auditor; Radiological Engineer;  Health Physics Supervisor; and Principal Health Physicist at both DOE and commercial nuclear facilities.


Our consultants credentials include: Registered Professional Engineer (PE); Certified Health Physicist (CHP); ANSI-qualified Radiation Protection Manager (RPM); Senior Reactor Operator (SRO); Shift Technical Advisor (STA); Independent Safety Engineering Group (ISEG) Engineer; Certified Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer and Registered Radiation Protection Technologist (NRRPT).