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Our consulting experience in the areas of Program

Development, Assessment & Operational Readiness Review

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ˇ          During the Davis-Besse NRC enforced plant shutdown, identified an apparent technical specification violation overlooked by two site root cause reviews and the NRC augmented inspection.  Demonstrated Engineering Program Compliance Reviews were conducted in a rigorous and robust manner, increasing site review team credibility.


ˇ          Assembled and led a joint Nuclear Oversight and Engineering, Component Cooling System, Design Basis Conformance Review (mini-SSFI) inspection team; managing identification and resolution of 70 issues, and demonstrated system capability to perform in accordance with design functions.


ˇ          Led an Electrical Distribution System Functional Inspection (EDSFI) team in preparation for a NRC inspection.  Managed issue identification and resolution, avoiding cited violations during the actual NRC inspection.


ˇ          Performed an assessment of common causes for refueling outage delays, and identified 14 key components responsible for 85% of delays.


ˇ          Developed methodology to perform manual Risk Assessment of Outage Schedules (pre-ORAM).  Assessment suggestions were accepted and incorporated by the utility outage organization, and was cited for excellence by the NRC.


ˇ          Provided an assessment of Radiological Risk and Risk Management for Perry Nuclear Plant (BWR).  Developed a methodology to perform Radiological Risk Assessment as part of routine implementation of the Radiation Protection Program, and determination of Radiological Work Control Requirements based on risk.

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