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Our consulting experience in the areas of

Environmental Health & Safety

Includes the following areas:




ˇ          Development of fuel manufacturing facility procedures, computer software programs and databases for: sample preparation and analysis; calibration and operation of analytical instrumentation; and environmental dose assessment and reporting.


ˇ          Evaluation, tracking, trending and reporting of radiological environmental sampling and monitoring data and results, including preparation of semi-annual and annual reports to NRC and State Regulatory Commissions.


ˇ          Response to, and interaction with the NRC and State Regulatory Commissions regarding environmental sampling, analysis and results during facility reviews, evaluations, inspections and investigations, including preparation of written responses.  Preparation and submittal of requests for licensing changes to NRC and State Regulatory Commissions.


ˇ          Collection, preparation for shipment, and review and analysis of environmental sampling results for nuclear power facilities.  Preparation and review of environmental monitoring reporting to NRC, and review and revision of Radiological Environmental Monitoring Programs (REMP) and Off-site Dose Calculations (ODCM).


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