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Our consulting experience in

Radiological & Analytical Instrumentation

Includes the following areas:




ˇ          Development, design and supervision of construction of a calibration source-well facility.  Design, procurement, installation and radiological characterization of a 5,000 Ci Cs137 calibration source in the well.


ˇ          Evaluation, selection, and implementation of Panasonic TLD dosimetry systems. Development of procedures, programs, software, and training.  Initial setup, calibration, qualification and operation of these systems under NVLAP guidelines.


ˇ          Calibration, repair and operation of portable survey instrumentation, including: ionization chambers; micro-R meters; GM instruments; alpha scintillators; NaI and Ge spectroscopy systems; telemetry systems; and non-destructive assay (NDA) systems.  Our experience includes performance of field surveys, both routine and non-routine, using all types of portable survey instrumentation.


ˇ          Health Physics support and management for a fuel manufacturing plant, responsible for all facility health physics functions, activities and programs, including: dosimetry; radiological surveys and analysis; portable instrumentation; laboratory analytical instrumentation; non-destructive assay (NDA); environmental sample preparation and analysis; and training for use of instruments by emergency response personnel, radiation workers, and health physics technicians.


ˇ          Development of fuel manufacturing facility procedures, computer software programs and databases for: sample preparation and analysis; calibration and operation of portable survey and analytical instrumentation; and non-destructive assay (NDA).


ˇ          Qualification testing, review and sign-off for health physics technicians qualification for use of: portable survey instruments; laboratory analytical instruments; NDA systems and analysis; and whole-body counting systems and analysis.


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